The Rise of the Kaw

I have been asked by many about the flooding that is occurring in Kansas.  I want to start with that I am not being affected by it personally, but I have been keeping an eye on the Kaw.

If any of you have seen a river rise from flooding, you may not be very impressed by my photos, but I must admit that seeing how high this River has gotten, was quite a shock!  Especially when you get to the dam, an eastern view from Interstate 435.  On May 2, two or three cranes were removed from the area.  A few years ago, this dam looked as though it was made from a bunch of gravel that had been dumped in the Kansas River to form a road across the River.  This spring they have had the cranes down on the river, I’m guessing to build a better dam.

The creek in the photos is most often just a trickle.  Now it is completely flooded.  The photos from May 8 show the highest the water has gotten that I have photographed.  Unfortunately, the 8th was also the day I forgot my camera and I took the pictures with a cell phone, which is why they are a bit grainy.

The land of our ancestors, in Lawrence, has flooded, but not to the point of getting into houses or trapping anyone in their homes.  The fields are what have flooded.  I was pretty worried about the land in Lawrence, because the news has compared this to the Flood of 1993 more times than I can count!  That flood did cause quite a bit of damage, but I do not understand why they are comparing the two.  In 1993 we had rain nearly every day for over a month.  This experience has been from less than a week of rain, but the news did report that within 12 hours on Saturday, several places around the area had in excess of what the normal total is for the month of May (about 5 inches).

One other thing I’d like to let you all know is that Rick and I will be moving the first weekend in June!  I am quite excited about that!!  It does mean, however, that the site will continue to crawl along, at least until early – mid June.

Hope you are all having a SUPER week and no one is in fear of floating away!!

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2 Responses to The Rise of the Kaw

  1. Bobby Title says:

    Southern California is trying to go up in fire! We’ve exceptionally hot, dry weather and the fires just keep popping out. There have been 2 in the Elsinore area, one along the Santa Ana River not too far from us, and another along the same river just over the Orange County line. Then you all have probably read about the one in Griffith Park. Lastly one has happened in Rancho Cucamonga, where our son lives, and another small one in San Bernardino. Except for the Griffith park fire, the others have luckily been put under control quickly. Paula, if you can think of a way to get some of your water to California, we could sure use it! :)

  2. Paula says:

    I certainly would send some water if I could! Yes, I have heard about the fire at Griffith Park. I hear that Florida is getting hit pretty bad, too. This is just some of the craziest weather!