My Views on the One Day Blog Silence

A great many things has been written about April 30, 2007.  I have chosen to join what is appearing to be a minority who will be participating in a ‘blogging silence’ on Monday.  This was originally thought of as a way to honor those who were massacred at Virginia Tech.  When I first read about this, I happened across another blog, that I am unable to locate now, of a person who knew personally knew a family that lost a child that day.  That family was very touched to hear that the blogging community was trying to organize such an event.  For that family and the other 32 families that were abruptly torn apart that day, I want to show my support by participating in this.

To see the site that started this idea, you can go here

To see what others are saying about this idea and their opinions, you can go here


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2 Responses to My Views on the One Day Blog Silence

  1. This matter has already been discussed, but it bears repeating. Far more people were killed in Iraq that day than in Virginia, and Monday was one of the “less bloody” days that week. Yet we see no presidential appearances at memorial convocations, no flags at half-mast, no moments of silence in Congress, no national days of mourning, no endless amounts of “news” coverage; so f*** it, f*** your blog silence and your other meaningless pathetic gestures, they’re idiotic and moronic. As long as the American people turn a blind eye and an apathetic ear to the killing that they fund with their tax dollars, I don’t give a flying f*** about the “tragedies” that burst their little security bubbles.

  2. Paula says:

    I have filtered out the words not worth repeating above. I posted a comment on his site, but it has not, and likely will not show up.

    I criticized his inability to form thoughts or sentences without the ‘f’ word. I also informed him of how I am very much against what is going on in Iraq. I’m against why we are there. I was one of the few who was against the ‘military action’ that began August 2, 1990. I still remember that day.

    I most likely suspect that he is an ignorant teenager, so I also informed him that I have likely been protesting war much longer than he has known the meaning of his seemingly favorite word.

    I hope that this ‘outburst’ by an unknown person does not offend many of you, as I also hope that my views do not offend anyone. For, although I do not support this war or our President, I fully support the men and women who risk their lives everyday because they believe it is right, or because it is a paycheck. This is America and we all have our rights to our opinions, right?

    So, I will keep this up if for no other reason to remind myself to not ‘attack’ someone else’s point of view.

    Personally, I feel his name is more aptly Shallow Monarchy.