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One Day Blog Silence

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My Views on the One Day Blog Silence

A great many things has been written about April 30, 2007.  I have chosen to join what is appearing to be a minority who will be participating in a ‘blogging silence’ on Monday.  This was originally thought of as a … Continue reading

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Rough Week

This week has been exceptionally rough for Rick and I. I’ve tried to remove all thoughts from my mind during any free time I have had this week, so I haven’t been very productive on the website, and for that … Continue reading

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Friday Update!

I have completely recovered from the computer problems earlier this week, and I didn’t lose anything I had saved! Today’s update has a great deal of pages that have been updated! Links First of all, you will notice on the … Continue reading

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I hate computers

Oh there was going to be a good update today. I was working along quite well, with lots of help from Bobby, of course. Then it happened. I was getting ready to ‘fine tune’ some photos and ‘poof’ my computer … Continue reading

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