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Rebecca Ann Correl and other stuff

Happy weekend everyone!

With a HUGE amount of help from Teresa this week, I have finished Rebecca’s page and have her uploaded. I am very thankful to Teresa for all of her help and guidance this past week! I have added some additional links in my writing on Rebecca. Most will go to pictures of items that I haven’t quite found a home for yet, but wanted to share. Especially Rebecca’s death certificate!

Rebecca lived through a very difficult time, as did all of the Corel Children. Yet she did endure and left a wonderful legacy of strength. Being the only child of William Corel and Rebecca Oney to not migrate to the Missouri-Kansas area, she was left being a young mother without the support of her parents and siblings. Recall that Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone until 1876, so it was not as it is today, with family only a phone call away.

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