Daily Archives: March 25, 2007

Olivia Gillespie Corel Upload

Not nearly all that I have is up, but I do have the basics. I found that I kept going back and back wanting to add more and more. I have to find a stopping point and move on to the next child. I already know that I need to go through all of the children to add more. A couple of the children may be as far as they can be until new information is found on the child’s life, or until I get into the stories of their children.

You know, the ‘hugeness’ of this task is starting to hit me. All previous projects I have undergone in the past were ones that I would finish easily in a week or two. LOL (LOL is ‘cyber-ese’ for Laughing Out Loud) This has already taken a month and I’m not through the first 13 people (William, Rebecca, and the children who lived to marrying age), and there is so much more to be entered just on them!

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