Just Checkin’ In

Unfortunately I have not made any updates to the site yet and I am so very sorry. It is probably more disappointing to me than any of you, but I suppose that life will go on for all of us!

Saturday night I became very ill, most likely it is connected to the last time I was sick, which was about 2 weeks ago. Mom told me that it is OK and that no one would blame me for not working on the site, but I still feel bad.

I have been reading emails that you all have been sending, and Joe, I especially want to thank you for the stuff from last week. Time got away from me and I really owe you an email! Truth be known, I haven’t had enough energy to sit here at the computer for very long lately, and anyone who knows me knows that I must be sick if I’m not getting on the computer hardly at all!


I received an email this morning that absolutely thrilled me, and I just had to let you all know that this little site, although very far from complete, has found at least one NEW COUSIN! This morning I heard from a descendant of Cosby Jane and William Justice! I have responded to her email to let her know that I am so very happy that she has ‘found’ her Corel Cousins! I have not yet heard back from her, so as I try to protect everyone here, I don’t want to post anything else about her just yet.

I have also received an email from another recently found cousins, Ella. Some of you have emailed her and know who I am talking about, and, again, I do not want to reveal too much, but Ella is having some medical problems herself, so I would like to ask those of you who are of a spiritual nature to pray for Ella and that everything works out well for her.

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