Successful Weekend!

This weekend flew by way too fast, as they all seem to do!

The funeral Saturday… well, it was a funeral, so it was very sad. It was for my uncle’s ex-wife and the mother of my cousins, Gloria Wiggins Beauchamp. During the funeral I realized how much Gloria and I are alike and it made me even sadder, because I never got to know her. I have only cried so much at a funeral one time before, and it was for my Dad. My heart aches for my cousins for losing a parent who was far too young to die. I especially ache for my cousins’ half siblings. Their father passed away 5 – 10 years ago. They are quite a bit younger than me, as I remember when the oldest was born. At least they are all over 18, so there is no worry about where any of them may end up. I couldn’t imagine life without either parent. I am so lucky to still have my Mom. Even if I do live to give her a hard time!

After the funeral I got to spend time with my niece. She is quite the handful! But I did love every second of it. I’m going to try to post a picture of her here, because I just love to show her off!

My little Abby

Wow, that was easier than I had expected! Well, there you see her, the little cutie herself!

After my sister and her family left, Mom and I got into her genealogy files. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so thrilled at all of the things she has. I have scanned all of the old pictures she had and brought home a stack of papers to scan and extract info from. I certainly have a lot of work ahead of me!

So, I wanted to share some of the ideas and plans I have with the website and the blog. My biggest goal is to figure out how to set up a box on the blog page where you can all enter your email so I can send out a notification when I make an update to the blog. The blog was provided when I purchased the web hosting, and it is written in CSS, which I’ve never worked with before! I also need to figure out how to put a link on the blog that goes back to the webpage.

For the website, I think next, I need to list the children with their dates of birth. I will create a page for each child who has descendants. At first, there won’t be anything on the individual pages, but I will slowly start entering their information, descendants, pictures, whatever I may have for each line! I am also planning on making another page for William & Rebecca, with census statistics and others who might be related to William. One name I found was James P. Carrell. I think it was 1820, and William’s name was also spelled Carrell. James P. was transcribed as James Jr, but if you look at the original, it was not a Jr., it was a P. As my line is through the son James Pickens, this James P. really jumped out at me! I haven’t studied his entry enough yet to see if it could be a parent or sibling, but I am looking forward to getting to that point!

I’m really hoping to get some ideas flying around here about these other ‘Carrell’ families living in the same area as William and Rebecca. Perhaps with all of us sharing our ideas, we might be able to figure out the William mystery!

Happy Monday to you all! :D

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