There is info on the site!

I finally got my first bit of content posted online! It isn’t much, but it has taken me 3 days! I made the tree myself, I like it, but I don’t. It is not nearly as good as I had hoped it would be. I have been encouraged, tho. Michelle was such a sweetie when she emailed that it didn’t look as bad as she had expected when I told her I made it myself!! I can’t draw much, but I’ve always been able to draw a good tree! This one is different, because this was the first time I drew a tree on the computer!

I also put an original document up. The marriage record of William and Rebecca. It was the first thing Bobby sent me when I started researching again. This is sad, how little information there is on the site, and I do apologize, it’s just that I’m never happy with work that I do (one of the many downfalls of being a perfectionist!). I know that next I will be working on a page that will be about the lives of William and Rebecca. No, I really don’t know much more than anyone else, I just thought that I would list census records and some familiar names I came across last night while getting ready for this part!

I haven’t listed the children out yet, because I can’t decide how I want to do it yet! Of course they will be in order (that’s the easy part Wink), but should I do a bullet list, or a list centered on the page? Should I include the birth dates on the home page, or list that on each child’s page? But, do I want to have a separate page for Martha, Sarah, and Emily? Emily was only 8.5 months old when she passed, and I know even less about Martha and Sarah. Perhaps I should just put the birthdates on the home page.

Can’t promise how soon the next upload will come. Tonight we are doing our ‘weekend running’ (grocery store Undecided), tomorrow we are going to Lawrence for a funeral, then I am raiding Mom’s photos and documents for more web content! We’ll stay the night at Mom’s and come back Sunday to get ready to go to work again on Monday! I’ll try to get something up by Wednesday at the latest!

Everyone have a GREAT weekend!! :D

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